Salon Armor

Saturday, July 25, 2015

NEW!!  The first non leather WASHABLE Salon Armor ClipBand.  Sanitation laws require us to wash our equipment between each client or sanitize using Barbacide.  My Original Wristbands can be wiped down with Barbacide wipes and now I give you something to hand wash with soap and water and reuse immediately!  The special fabric wicks water away and hitting the back with a blow dryer will dry it completely.
This is a very unique lightweight silver metallic textured fabric with a soft backing and a clip strap that has 2 rows of silver beads and silver and gold accents to go either way.  You get to add an Armorizer to make it an accessory for after work.
Comes with a Magnetic Clip to hold bobby pins or the 4 Well Makeup Palette.  On the website now!

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